1. Area of Social Relations


    RSE on the REM Kazakhstan President’s TV and Radio Complex (hereinafter – the Enterprise) is governed in its activities by the Constitution of the Republic of Kazakhstan, applicable law of the Republic of Kazakhstan, as well as the Charter of the Enterprise.


    1. The Enterprise’s activities include:

    1) Creation, collection, processing of video, audio, photo files, and documentary film images as well as their restoration and systematization;

    2)  Production and dissemination of video films, TV and radio programmes;

    3) Algorithmization of portals and web-projects with the use of database management systems;

    4) Information management, maintenance and support of state electronic information portals in the internet;

    5) Data placement and processing with the consideration of the use of innovative tools of information processing in the internet;

    6) Production and broadcasting of TV programmes;

    7) Rent and property management;

    8) Advertising production and its dissemination on TV and radio;

    9) Production, dubbing, replication of TV and radio programmes;

    10) Production and commercialization (purchase and sale, exchange, release etc.) of the programmes, film, audio, video and other products.

    11) organization of training, advanced training, retraining of media professionals and other interested entities and persons the highly skilled experts of the Enterprise, the country’s and world’s leading media experts.


    1. Rules of conduct (actions) of persons working in a separate area of social relations.


    When exercising the rights and legal interests of individuals and legal entities in the area affected by the anti-corruption standard, the employees of the Enterprise are obliged:

    1) to be governed with the principles of legality, Constitutional requirements, laws and other regulatory-legal acts of the Republic of Kazakhstan, to strictly observe anti-corruption legislation.

    2) to take measures to prevent any conflict of interest;

    3) to prevent any action (inaction) impeding the exercise of rights and legal interests by individuals and legal entities;

    4) not to use their official powers and related opportunities to obtain personal property and non-property benefits;

    5) to make every effort to ensure highly-professional performance of duties; to apply appropriate, cost-effective and other rational ways of solving the tasks set.

    6) to constantly improve their professional level and qualification to perform their duties effectively;

    7) to prevent any abuse of power, manifestation of unreasonable official red tape in consideration of individual and legal entities’ requests as well as to avoid any rudeness and blind spot;

    8) to ensure observance and protection of rights, freedoms and legal interests of individuals and legal entities;

    9) to support and require of their colleagues to observe high legal and anti-corruption culture;


    1. When preparing and taking managerial and other decisions, the employees of the Enterprise are obliged within their competence:


    1) to observe the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan;

    2) to keep confidentiality and ensure professional secrecy;

    3) to observe professional ethics;

    4) to notify immediately in writing the Enterprises leadership, authorized governmental bodies on cases of inducing them to committing corruption-related offenses by other persons;

    5) to strictly observe labour discipline; to effectively dispose the powers granted; conscientiously, impartially and efficiently perform their duties; to rationally use working time;

    6) while performing their duties, not to  give preferences to individuals and legal entities, be independent of their influence;  not to abuse their official position in order to impact the activity of governmental bodies, organizations and other persons in solution of personal  issues;

    7) to refrain from representing or lobbying the interests of third parties, as well as taking actions on their behalf;

    8) to avoid unlawful interference with the activities of other governmental structures, organizations and business entities;

    9) to refrain from addressing to colleagues and top officials with unlawful requests that violate the established order of relations, which may affect the adoption of an impartial official decision.


    1. When preparing draft regulatory legal acts, the employees of the Enterprise are obliged:


    1) to submit draft internal legal documents to the concerned structural divisions with a mandatory attachment of an explanatory note to receive an approval;

    2) to submit draft internal legal documents to the Legal and Personnel Department to review for statutory compliance.


    1. In case of other relations arising from a specific area of activity, the employees of the Enterprise are obliged:


    1) to ensure observance and protection of rights, freedoms and legal interests of individuals and legal entities; to review their requests in the order and terms set by the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan and to take appropriate measures on them;

    2) to prevent any unfounded accusations, rudeness, abasement of human dignity, indiscretion and incorrect conduct towards subordinate employees;

    3) to provide unbiased and reliable data in fulfillment of top officials’ assignments;

    4) to ensure safety of property, to use property rationally, efficiently and only for work-related purposes;

    5) to contribute to the establishment and strengthening of corporate relations and constructive interaction;

    6) to promptly notify the leadership of the Company or authorized governmental body on countering corruption on any known cases of corruption offences.


    1. Other Restrictions and Prohibitions

    To abide the Constitution and requirements of the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan; to observe the restrictions set as per the laws of the Republic of Kazakhstan, to fulfill the orders and assignments of the top officials issued within their powers;

    As per sub-paragraph 4) of paragraph 1, Article 12, of the Law “On Countering Corruption”, not to accept any remuneration, including cash, services, gifts, goods from legal entities and individuals for the performance of their functions and duties; not to induce or encourage others to commit corruption offences;

    Not to use official and other information that is not subject to dissemination in order to obtain or receive property and non-property benefits and advantages.